Climbing Mount Kenya

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Climbing Mount Kenya

Climbing Mount Kenya; Mt. Kenya Hiking and Trek packages are mountaineering expeditions and foot safaris on Mount Kenya which is Africa’s second highest peak standing at 5199 meters or 17058 feet.

We offer experienced, guided trekking and climbing trips and operations to Mount Kenya. Our mountain climbing routes and services are suitable for everyone from the beginner hiker to the experienced technical climber.

We have a trip for everyone ranging from Mount Kenya 1 Day Hiking trips to 7 Days Climbing Trips. Have a look at our popular Climbing Mount Kenya Trips and Packages below, contact us with any questions or requests.

Climbing Mount Kenya Information Guide

Climbing Mount Kenya Fitness, Altitude And Safety

Generally speaking it isn’t necessary to undergo a grueling fitness regime prior to attempting Mount Kenya, anyone who is trek fit, and is comfortable walking 6-8 hour days should be fine.

It is recommended that you start a training program at least one, if not two months before your safari.“Running, swimming, cycling and stair-climbing is all good ways of toning up muscles.”

Guides, Porters and Cooks

The trekking crew will usually consist of a guide, cook, porter for the cooking gear plus a personal porter per trekker. All our guides and porters are registered with Kenya Wildlife Services and hold a mountain guide park from Mt. Kenya National Park.

They also have wildlife knowledge and experience of dealing with altitude sickness issues

Climbing Mount Kenya Routes

There are 5 main routes to the peak. See below;

Sirimon Route

Sirimon Route is the most popular ascent as the altitude gain is nice and steady and it offers one of the most beautiful approaches to the peaks.  Allow a minimum of 2 nights to peak when ascending, although we recommend spending an extra night at the last camp (Shipton’s) on the way up.

Burguret Route

Burguret Route is the best if you want to avoid the crowds then Burguret is the best route. You’ll be hacking through pristine rainforest on this little used route, spending nights at wilderness campsites.

Going up this route is challenging, it is little more than a game track in places, often muddy and rough under foot. Burguret is usually combined with a Chogoria or Sirimon descent.

Naro Moru Route

Naro Moru Route is the most popular descent route, fast and easy (at least on the way down!). Naro Moru passes through the notorious vertical bog section which gets very waterlogged in the rainy seasons.

The vegetation is at its most striking on this route. It can be descended in one very long day, usually done in two days and one night.

Chogoria Route

Chogoria Route is the best if you have time then choose dramatic Chogoria over Naro Moru for the descent. The Chogoria route passes by tarns, waterfalls and an incredible gorge.  Allow two or three days for your descent.

Timau Route

Timau Route is little used nowadays; there is little forest on this side of the mountain and no facilities, just lots of wide open country.

Weather/ When To Go Climbing Mount Kenya

First things first, although Mount Kenya is on the equator, at an altitude of 4,000m it gets freezing at night!  You need to be prepared for overnight temperatures well below freezing (a good three/ four season sleeping bag is a must).

Minus 10 or even minus 20 degrees Celsius are not unheard of at Point Lenana. Otherwise expect plenty of hot overhead sun and rain if you are trekking during the short or long rains.

Kenya is subject to two rainy seasons, the long rains from mid March to mid June and the short rains from September to October. Mount Kenya remains trek-able throughout the year, but during the long rains especially, you will need to be prepared for some heavy rain falls and muddy tracks.

The good news is that even in the depth of the long rains, there is usually reliable sunshine for a good portion of the day (10am – 3pm). Outside the rainy season, you can expect plenty of sunshine.

It’s safest to climb Mt. Kenya during the dry seasons: January – February and August to September off the most reliably fine weather. The main routes are likely to be more crowded at this time of the year. If you favor complete solitude over the sunny skies, try going slightly off the peak season.

It’s best to avoid the two rainy seasons from mid March until June and from late October to the end of December.

Mount Kenya Location

From Nairobi, Mount Kenya is around a 4 hours drive (220 km). We offer round trip transport for guests from Nairobi or from any other part of the country to the Mountain.

Mount Kenya National Park Conservation/ Entrance Fee (Per Person)

The Kenya Wildlife Service entrance costs to climb Mount Kenya are as follows:
1 Day Trip is  US Dollars Non-Resident Per Person/  Kenya Shillings Resident
5 Day Package is US Dollars Non-Resident Per Person/ Kenya Shillings Resident
6 Day Package is US Dollars Non-Resident Per Person/ Kenya Shillings Resident
2, 3 or 4 Day Package is US Dollars Non-Resident Per Person/ Kenya Shillings Resident

Climbing Mount Kenya Accommodation

There is a number of accommodation huts around the base of the mountain and on the various trekking routes. Reservations should be made in advance. The major accommodation huts are as follows:

Old Moses Hut – Sirimon Route (at 3300 Meters) Accommodation

Price Per Person:
US Dollars
Full Details

Mackinder's Hut – Naro Moru Route/ Teleki Valley (at 4200 Meters) Accommodation

Price Per Person:
US Dollars
Full Details

Met Station Lodge – Naro Moru Route/ Met Station (at 3050 Meters) Accommodation

Price Per Person:
US Dollars
Full Details

Shipton's Hut – Sirimon Route/ Mackinder's Valley (at 4250 Meters) Accommodation

Price Per Person:
US Dollars
Full Details

Climbing Mount Kenya ? Find a hotel, lodge or camp near Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya Accommodation includes Hotels in Nanyuki, Aberdare, Laikipia, Naru Moru, Mount Kenya Region and Timau.  Looking for hotels around Mount Kenya ? Click Here

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