Kereita Forest Caves Waterfalls Nairobi Day Hiking Tour

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Kereita Forest Caves Waterfalls Nairobi Day Hiking Tour

Kereita Forest Caves Waterfalls Nairobi Day Hiking Tour is an adventure to the Kereita Forest located in Lari District in Kiambu County approximately 60 km from Nairobi.

The Nairobi – Nakuru Highway forms the forest western border with a thin strip of forest extending and running parallel to the highway from Kijabe to Uplands, while to the east, it borders the Uplands Forest.

The drive from Nairobi takes about an hour. Kereita Forest forms part of the Aberdare Forest Reserve and is home to a magnificent waterfall on the Gatamaiyu River, caves and wild animals.

The forest and the surrounding areas have animals such as Elephants, leopards and Colobus monkeys. The forest covers a total of 47 square kilometers and is a designated Important Bird Area with quite a number of bird species residing in the rich biodiversity.

Kereita Forest has 138 species of birds that have been recorded in both this forest and the Aberdere, of which 31 are from the forest and 20 are considered rare.

Activities in the forest include zip-line, archery, paint balling, mountain biking, guided nature walks, donkey rides, community tours, tree planting and team building.

The Walking/ hiking duration takes about 6 hours. Kereita Waterfall on Gatamaiyu River drops 60 feet to the stream below.

Kereita Forest Day Hike Highlights

Donkey Rides: Primary source of transport around the forest – both ecologically friendly and providing income for local entrepreneurs.

Tree Planting: Visitors to the area are encouraged to take part in tree planting and in the nurturing of that tree through the following years.

Archery: Offering both range (shooting at fixed targets, at a fixed distance) and trekking archery (a walking trail with a number of varied targets).

Guided Nature Walks: 6 Hour guided hiking trail (the Carbacid trail), leads to Kereita Waterfall on Gatamaiyu River, and the adjacent cave that is home to a small bat colony.

Zip Line: Steel cables stretching across valleys (known as zip lines) provide exciting, safe rides with an unsurpassed adrenalin rush. A complete course takes about 1.5 hours.

Paint Balling: There are two sites set up for teams to battle it out with color paint balls as projectiles, a fun and excellent team building activity which causes no harm to the environment.

Mountain Biking: A series of graded courses (easy to hard) that are marked out using the existing network of forest trails for enthusiastic mountain bikers to explore the hills and forest.

Community Tours: Local guides show the wonders of nature in the forest and take people around their communities, showing how they live, produce agriculture and interact with the forest.

Team building: A series of challenging courses established, which can only be completed if participants work as a team. This is one of the main appeals for companies to choose Kereita as their conference/ team building centre.

The forest Restaurant (open from 0830 Hours to 1730 Hours): Spectacular views over the valleys while you enjoy local growth healthy food to match all budgets

Kereita Forest Caves Waterfalls Nairobi Day Hiking Tour Itinerary

0700 Hours: After an early breakfast we pick you up from the hotel/ residence and depart by road to Kereita Forest.

Our scenic drive takes the new Nairobi/ Nakuru road on the upper escarpment for about 47 kilometers to Kimende. A further 10 km ride brings us to the Carbacid Forest Gate.

0800 Hours: Carbacid Forest Gate is our starting Point. This general area sits on top of an underground natural Carbon dioxide reservoir that is currently mined by Carbacid limited for industrial and commercial purposes.

The forest gate derives its name from the company that mines the Carbon dioxide – Carbacid Forest Gate.

During the first hour, you’ll hike through large open clearings and as you get further into the forest land and descend into the first river valley, the clearings give way to indigenous trees.

The trail then goes deeper into the forest, with the undergrowth now getting thicker and more interesting and varied.

Giant ferns and climbers abound deep in the forest, competing for the meager light filtering though old gnarled mammoth trees that stand tall and proud, untouched by human exploitation.

The sounds of various species of monkeys and birds increasingly become a regular part of the jungle. The trail is hardly noticeable due to infrequent visitors to this part of the forest.

The guide therefore has to carry a machete for cutting his way through some of the undergrowth, in addition to following animal trails going the general direction of the waterfall.

After walking up and down two steep river valleys for about two hours, the trail passes by Elephant Pool, a large natural water body that Elephants love to frolic in.

1100 Hours: A further one hour walk finally brings you to Kereita Waterfall on Gatamaiyu River. This waterfall drops 60 feet to the stream below. To the right side of the waterfall is a cave with a small bat population.

Enjoy a short rest and walk back to the Carbacid Forest Gate through an alternative trail that climbs up and out of the forest zone into the bamboo zone, before descending to the Forest Gate.

1400 Hours: Enjoy lovely sumptuous lunch at the gate before driving back to Nairobi  to arrive late in the evening.

The whole round trip takes about 6 hours.

Kereita Forest Caves Waterfalls Nairobi Day Hiking Tour Prices

Kereita Forest Caves Waterfalls Nairobi Day Hiking Tour Rates Includes:

Lunch at the Forest Restaurant + Guides, game rangers and staff fees + Professional English speaking guides + All entry fees, service charge and taxes & Pickup from your hotel in Nairobi and drop-off to your hotel/ residence

Dates From Dates To Price Per Person Children Aged 8 to 12 Years
1st January 2021 31st December 2021   Request for rates Request for rates

Open from 8:30am to 5:30pm

Closed on Mondays – except on Public Holidays
* Other activities available include mountain biking, horse riding; Electric motors, Forest Rovers, Fly Fishing, Tree Planting, Foot Golf, and Zip line, and Paint balling, Archery, Camping & play ground all at an extra cost
* Suncream, out-door shoes, trousers (no-skirts), hats, warm and rain proof clothing. Reasonable standards of health and fitness are required. The Forest is at an altitude of 2500 metres above sea level. Picnics not allowed

What to Carry/ Bring:
* Camera
* Warm clothing ,its gets chilly
* Water and snacks to provide you with the needed energy and hydration
* Comfortable hiking shoes preferably boots, they should be water proof-water
* Small Bag to carry your personal items (paper-bags and handbags leave them at home)

Kereita Forest Caves Waterfalls Nairobi Day Hiking Tour Rates Do Not Include:

* Drinks
* Laundry
* Tips or gratuity
* Travelers insurance
* Communication charges
* Visas, international airfares and airport taxes; meals
* Sightseeing not included in the package; optional activities
* Personal expenses such as transfers to/ from the airport (supplement airport transfer cost applies for tours starting from the airport)

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