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Mafia Island (South of Zanzibar - Tanzania)

(Mafia Island covers an area of Area, 435 square Kilometer or 168 square miles) and is located about 160 Kilometers south of Zanzibar coast of central Tanzania, 20 Kilometers from the Rufiji River Delta. Mafia Island is 50 Kilometers long and 15 Kilometers wide)



Mafia Island

Mafia Island

Mafia Island Beach

Mafia Island Beach

Mafia Island Ruins

Mafia Island Ruins


Mafia Island Tanzania

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Mafia Island Tanzania lies off the mouth of the Rufiji River in Southern Tanzania. It is one of the least developed parts of an undeveloped country, yet it has been, and continues to be, part of important historical processes.


Although it's spectacular marine life is becoming increasingly well known, especially since the setting up of the Mafia Island Marine Park, little other information is widely available. Using search engines on the worldwide web tends to bring up mainly sites which represent the island as a tourist paradise: some of them also give inaccurate or misleading information.


Mafia Island Tanzania infrastructure is poor: it has electricity only in the district capital and in Utende, the main tourist area. There are few houses which have running water.


Travel to Mafia Island Tanzania is either by small aircraft from Dar es Salaam, at a cost which is beyond the reach of most islanders, or by sailing boat to Kisiju, the nearest point on the mainland, and thence by lorry or bus to Dar es Salaam.


This journey can be lengthy, precarious and uncomfortable but it is the one which most islanders are forced to use. The few roads on Mafia Island Tanzania are in poor condition and there is a paucity of vehicles, which means local people rely primarily on bicycles or walking. Telecommunications until recently have been minimal with only a few radio-linked lines to the mainland and beyond.


While each village now has a primary school, there is only one secondary school serving the entire Mafia Island Tanzania, although another is currently under construction.




Mafia Island Tanzania Activities
Mafia Island is a perfect spot for excursion after wilderness safari, for both divers and non-divers have opportunities to different activities, from beach picnics, day trips for snorkeling, or walking safari to Mlola Forest, and excursions to villages and local markets.


However Chole Island excursion is on top; an off-shore island is packed with numerous ancient ruins. It is a perfect place to start excursion while you are in Mafia Island.

Attractions in Mafia Island Tanzania include:
Trekking through the bush to the "Blue Lagoon"

Nature walking tour to ancient coral rock swimming pools
A visit to Kua ruins with mosques dating back to the 14th Century
The 18th Century grand old house the most prominent feature in Juani Island

The largest ruin in town. This ruin was used by the Germans as their administrative office

The fully equipped dive centre for beginners & experienced divers offers PADI and NAUI certifications
The 13th Century Mosque which was excavated at Ras Kisimani on the southwest tip of the Mafia island, contains Chinese pottery fragments. This may seem to indicate that there was constant contact between people of

Mafia and foreigners from Far East

Dive excursion trips can be done to Kitutia Reef, Mwamba Ukuta, Mange Reef, Kifinge Bay, Okuza Island and Ras Mkumbuu

Chole's inhabitants are famous for the art of boat building, shark fishing, and hand-manufacture of coconut coir ropes making. Walking tour in this island will allow you to see among local people pursuing their exciting daily lives


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