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African Safari Kenya

African Spice, Kenya is celebrating its 15th Year of Safari outfitting and is steadily growing due to a satisfied client base. We are proud to say that as local Kenyan citizens, we are one of only a few professional and successful tour companies owned and operated by local indigenous Kenyans here in East Africa—a source of great pride and distinction.


African Spice Safaris is unique in that we specialize exclusively in Africa with no desire to expand and run tours around the globe. Instead, we focus all of our love and attention on our guests’ experiences in our homeland.


As any traveler knows, Value is about much more than the Price You Pay. It's also about the quality of your experience, and we're most proud of the hard work of our staff in Nairobi, East Africa.


They tirelessly ensure you'll enjoy an unforgettable experience, whether during our Private Custom Safari, or on any of our Planned Voyages.


Our mission is, quite simply, to offer the most meaningful, both Budget & Luxurious personalized Safaris available in Africa today. After all, Africa is our home and what we know and love best. Below are some of the ways in which we do this:


obama Masai Village

Tribal Village Visits & Authentic Cultural Connections

Because we are locals we understand the true meaning of “fully experiencing the real flavor of an African culture” Africa is home to many fascinating tribes. While on safari we have the opportunity to learn first-hand about these ancient cultures by visiting a remote village in the bush.


We learn of the tribe’s social system, traditions, customs and place in today’s Africa. Life in these villages has changed little over the centuries. Mud and thatched huts often house many generations, and we are invited into these homes to join the tribe in traditional dances and songs.


The warm brilliant smiles of these people are matched by the brilliant colors of the elaborate beads and cloths with which they adorn themselves. This allows you to discover what makes these countries so mystical and yet so inviting when you meet friendly people who call it home.


Their dignified and hospitable welcome will be a memory long treasured.



Expert Trip Leaders – make the Difference

safari director

In East Africa, we offer a wonderful impressive team on safari, “Spice” very own resident trip Leaders are the best in the field. As you would expect, you’ll find Trip Leaders to be very knowledgeable in History, Culture, Wildlife, fluent in English, and have been leading trips for more than 10 years so they are intimately familiar with the needs of our travelers.


They each have attained a silver medal as members of the Kenya Professional Safari guide association.

Simply put, your resident ‘Spice’ trip leader is at the heart of your adventure. That is why we strive to provide you with the best leadership: Knowledgeable, Caring, and Friendly people eager to take you behind the scenes of the destination you’ve traveled so far to see.


They have now come to be known as “walking encyclopedias”! These talented individuals commence the safari as guides but end the journey as dear friends, having shared the treasures of their homeland from their hearts.


In Southern Africa, African Spice Tour Leaders have crisscrossed the region countless times and are well versed in flora and fauna, the local art scene, socio-political situations, plus a wealth of insider information. But the Tour Leader’s real genius lies in his ability to make the logistics of travel irresistibly effortless.


He provides daily briefings on upcoming events, joins travelers for cocktails, leads daily “reflection” sessions and lectures on subjects of local interest from South Africa’s road to independence to the wine industry or future of townships.


In Southern Africa, wildlife explorations are led by a different set of specialists, the Game Rangers and Trackers, stationed at each of our private camps.




Guaranteed Safari Departures

Every African Spice Safari programme is guaranteed to depart as scheduled, regardless of group size. With "Spice", once your departure date has been confirmed and we have received your deposit, you can rest assured that your safari will take place.


We pride ourselves on making, and keeping, this promise to our travelers.




Door to Door Service

Africa Spice Safaris is your source for the service and information you require. Not only do we attend to all your needs while on safari, down to the tiniest of all details, we also offer the tools and assistance that will help you prepare for your exotic adventure.


Transportation to and from the airport is available at your pleasure and at no charge, regardless of which airline you fly, who booked your flight or when you arrive and depart.

As our valued guests, we will meet you upon arrival and assist you with luggage and transfer, help you with Hotel check-ins, provide tour briefings and advice on restaurant and shopping choices.




Flying Doctor Services

When you travel with African Spice Safaris, you are assured of the services of the Flying Doctors, a group of well qualified physicians who travel by aircraft throughout the East African bush providing treatment and emergency transportation.


Similar evacuation services are also available to travelers in South Africa and select lodges in Botswana, assuring our guests in remote destinations of prompt medical attention and air transportation to the nearest medical facility in the unlikely event of an emergency.


Please note that comprehensive Emergency Evacuation Insurance is also available through our travel insurance provider—a policy we highly recommend to all.


air safaris

Finest Air Quality Travel

In our flying Safari programmes, we have include timesaving flights, eliminating many hours of driving, while at the same time providing thrilling aerial views of the panoramic terrain below.


And imagine all those extra hours gained to relax and enjoying the splendor of the bush! Moreover, flying across the African landscape is a singular pleasure. When one imagines taking to the sky over the savannahs, romantic images of old Africa come to mind—dashing pilots soaring above mountains, rivers and valleys, the big herds below and a wide expanse of brilliant sky above.


It’s a breathtaking image and an accurate depiction of the experience even today.


We mostly fly De Havilland Dash 7 built by Boeing Canada, which as an impressive feature — STOL (Short Take-Off and Landing) capability which allows it to be operated into short and rough airstrips common to Africa. It takes a capacity of 50 Passengers and has 4 engines.


The De Havilland Twin Otter 300 built by De Havilland Canada also are very ideal for the short and often rough airstrips of Africa. (If required, the Otter can actually land and take-off in distances as short as 200m!)


It is un-pressurized and therefore limited to cruise altitudes of below 12,000 feet above sea-level. It takes a capacity of 18 Passengers and has 4 engines.


Safari  Camps & lodges

Unique Authentic Lodgings enhance your Adventure

Nothing comes as more of a surprise to visitors than the magnificent standard of deluxe accommodations found in the bush. Travelers expect lodge and camp experiences to be enjoyable, but never do they expect them to be so luxurious and romantic.


We personally select every lodge and camp for its singular beauty, evocative atmosphere and spectacular setting. With elegant architectural designs reminiscent of indigenous village dwellings, our safari lodgings blend harmoniously into the African landscape and impart a spirit of tranquility.


Our choice and selection of your accommodation ensure that the spirit of adventure follows you wherever you go - and wherever you stay.




Complete Pre-Tour Documentation

To prepare travelers for their adventures to come, before departure you will receive detailed trip documentation.


A comprehensive tour itinerary will set the stage, along with a map of the destination, dictionary of commonly used Swahili phrases, outlines of the region’s political and natural histories, practical information on travel requirements (visas, for example) plus useful tips (bring ziplock bags) and clothing suggestions (it’s cooler at night than you might imagine).


We look forward to sharing with you the excitement of planning and the thrill of anticipation.




Authentic Mode of Transport


Your journey in the bush involves exhilarating days on the trail of African wildlife, making the quality of your ground transportation of the outmost importance. For that reason, we are pleased to provide only the finest state - of - the - art safari vehicles for your sojourn with "Spice”.


Soft seats with headrests,roominess and good suspension combined to make for a very comfortable ride across the African plains. Every traveler is furthermore assured of a window seat directly under a pop-up roof in East African vehicles, while Southern Africa’s open-top versions provide excellent sightlines for all.


Our Safari vehicles are additionally outfitted with cool boxes, stocked with ample bottled water, soft drinks and they accommodate no more than six guests.




walking safaris

Bush Walks—An Intimate African Experience

Never will you feel more a part of the splendor of Africa than on a Bush Walk. Every sense you possess will be virtually assaulted by the sights, sounds and smells of the bush as you make your way across the plains on foot.


An expert naturalist continuously points out amazingly colored birds, camouflaged game of every variety and a spectacular variety of trees and riotous flowers.


Everywhere you look there is another surprise…zebras grazing contentedly on lush grasses, towering yet dainty giraffes lumbering close by and maybe even a mother cheetah sunning herself in the distance with her cubs frolicking under her ever-watchful eye.


You are noticed only slightly by these denizens of the bush, having now become just another member of their grassland family. When you began your journey you set out for a mere walk; you returned, however, a part of the beauty and majesty of Africa.




Your Personal 'Spice' Concierge

Imagine…you’ve traveled halfway across the world and, as you’re getting ready for bed, you realize that you’ve forgotten your medicine at home.


Thank goodness you can phone your African ‘Spice’ Safari Personal Concierge at any time, day or night. Stationed at our hotels in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Nairobi during the day, they are also available all night via a private telephone hotline.


In fact, our concierges can be reached on this hotline from virtually anywhere in the bush, day or night.


So whether it’s lost medicine, flight changes, a private car, dining reservations or just a simple question, your African ‘Spice’ Safari Personal Concierge is ready and delighted to assist.



Why African Spice Safaris?

Whenever you go with "Spice”, you'll enjoy our unbeaten comprehensive value. And you'll relish the peace of mind and comfort that comes with our service.


Throughout your safari with us, we will create moments of awe and beauty that take your breath away, make you laugh until your sides ache and even make you cry a little when it's time for you to leave.


We invite you to let African Spice Safaris help you realize your dreams. Remember, we are not limited by our website only, but by your imaginations. With your assistance there are no boundaries.




The Kenya Association of Tour Operators

African Spice Safaris is proud to be a member of The Kenya Association of Tour Operators (KATO) - Kenya's leading tourism trade association, representing the interests of over 250 of the leading and most imaginative professional active travel companies and tour operators in Kenya.


African Spice Safaris mission is to provide inspirational experiences that enrich the lives of travelers, while dedicating ourselves to sustainable tourism and environmental and cultural protection.


Kenya Association of Tour Operators members set the standard that others seek to follow.


Kenya Association of Tour Operators Objectives are to:-

* Uphold the good reputation of Kenya as a tourist destination by ensuring that Kenya Tour Operators maintain the highest standards of service and value;

* Give agents and individual clients alike the confidence of knowing that Kenya has mechanism designed to consider the possible redress of any wrongs which a client may have suffered;

* Recommend certain standards which the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife might consider in determining whether or not to grant or renew the license of an operator;

* Provide a means for the Association's members to seek protection or redress in any dispute either with another member or a non-member of the Association;

* Endeavor to instill a spirit of unity and loyalty to each other amongst members of the Association.




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Concerned About the Security of Your Booking and Your Own Safety While on Safari?
We fully appreciate your concerns when it comes to booking a safari in Africa and you can rest be assured that your financial security when making a reservation and your own personal safety while on safari is our highest priority.


African Spice Safaris is a member of the Kenya Association of Tour Operators bonding scheme, backed by a leading insurance company, to ensure your payments are fully protected if a bonded KATO member ceases trading.

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