Vision Statement

To be the most sought tour operator, providing services to all sectors of the business community and individuals worldwide by utilizing the expertise of highly qualified staff in addressing the holistic travel-ling requirements for corporates and leisure travelers.

Mission Statement

Is to always driven and passionate about servicing the Safari needs of companies and individuals through the commitment, integrity, and dedication of our competent staff and business partners. In pursuit of enhancing our reputation, we pride ourselves on delivering value-added services whilst creating a paradigm shift in tour management services to both local and international Clients.

Company Philosophy

We love what we do, we care, and we strive to create excellence in all our safaris and trips for all our Clients, every time. This is our philosophy and commitment. We Know People, and We Know Places.

Company Values

Wherever it operates, African Spice Safaris strive to live by its core values of People, Transparency, Honest, Integrity, and Performance. These are standards of ethical behavior or fundamental beliefs that shape our organization’s culture.

They describe the values and standards governing our operations as an organization and our relationship with society, customers, suppliers, employees, community, and other stakeholders.

In our endeavor to execute our mandate,  African Spice Safaris will be guided by the following core values: Service excellence, Social responsibility, Dedication and commitment, Competence, discipline, teamwork, Transparency, accountability, Integrity, World-class benchmarking standards, and selflessness.

Employment Equity Policy

African Spice Safaris is committed to creating and maintaining an environment, which provides equal opportunities to all employees, with special consideration for disadvantaged groups and women. Recruitment and selection are based on fairness and objectivity, having regard for competency, and seeking to redress historical imbalances to achieve broad representation.


At African Spice Safaris, we have developed a culture that promotes an injury-free environment and provides the safest workplace possible for our employees, clients, and others who enter or who are near our offices and lodges. Our mantra is: “Every worker goes home safely from each of our jobs, every day.”

Company Staff

African Spice Safaris has a total number of 12 employees at the Company Office from the Management and Administrative Department, Finance Department, Operations Department, Reservation Department, and Sales & Marketing Department giving us a competitive advantage by being all under one roof.

Our Services, Strategy & Expertise

African Spice Safaris was officially licensed by the Ministry of  Tourism in Kenya to operate as Tourism Operators Class “A”. The services that the Company offers
includes the following among others:

* Tour Guiding
* Lodge Safaris
* Leisure Tours
* Flight Booking
* Cultural Tours
* Wildlife Safaris
* Gorilla Trekking
* Hotel Reservations
* Ground Transportation
* Luxury Mobile Camping Safaris
* Travel Insurance and Visa Assistance
* Lodge & Hotels Accommodation Services
* Adventure trips – Mountain Climbing, Walking, and Cycling

Proceed Booking

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