The following Terms and Conditions & Refund Policy for booking our Safaris & Hotels

Safaris & Tours Cancellation Charges:
Our cancellation charges are determined by the fact that once we have booked with hotels, transport services, safari camps/ lodges and with local airlines, they will charge us a cancellation fee if we cancel a booking. African Spice Safaris try to keep such charges to a minimum and they are as follows, as a percentage of the total.

Invoice charges:
Bookings cancelled or amended from time of booking up to 120 days before commencement of the safari incur a 25% cancellation charge.
* Cancellation or amendment received by African Spice Safaris up to 120 days or more prior to commencement of the safari: 500 US Dollars per person cancellation charge
* Cancellation or amendments received 89-60 days prior to commencement of the safari are a subject to a fee of 20% of the total retail tour rate
* Cancellation or amendment less than 59-30 days prior to commencement of the safari: 50% refund, 50% cancellation charge
* Cancellation or amendment less than 29 days or less prior to commencement of the safari: nil refund, 100% cancellation charge

Please note that any refunds due to you in the event of cancellation can be credited only to the original card used for making the initial payment.

Above cancellation terms are for Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. If you are a no-show, if you cancel your day tour/ trip or safari after the departure date, or if you leave a trip already in progress, you will not receive any refund for any unused portion of your trip.

There is no right to a refund for any unused services. Changes in the Responsibility clause can be made only in writing signed by an officer of African Spice Safaris. Charges shown include the 500 US Dollars administrative fee.

Processing Fee
All cancellations made later than twelve days after booking are subject to a non-refundable fee of 500 US Dollars per person (effective with reservations on or after Jan 1, 2020). Cancellations made within 12 days after booking will be subject to the same fee, unless the reason for canceling given at the time of cancellation is your rejection of these Terms and Conditions. This fee reflects only African Spice Safaris costs of administering a reservation.

Reservation Changes
If you make changes to your reservation that affect departure city, or make changes to your departure date or destination, it will be treated as a cancellation and the relevant cancellation charges will apply. Traveler substitutions are considered reservation cancellations and are subject to the above cancellation charges. On all African Spice Safari Tours, you have the option to enjoy breakaway travel at the end of your Safari, subject to flight availability.

This option enables you to travel on your own wherever you choose. You will be responsible for confirming your international flight back to the U.S. and for your own transfers to the airport. All arrangements for breakaway travel must be requested in writing no later than 45 days prior to departure. Confirmation information will be available approximately 30 days before your departure. Consult our reservations staff for details.

All traveler requests, including Breakaways, preferred air schedules, and special accommodations, are subject to availability and are not guaranteed, and charges may apply. If African Spice Safaris cancels any optional extension which you have purchased, you will receive a refund of the amount you paid for the extension.

However, if you subsequently decide to cancel the base (main) portion of your trip, cancellation charges will apply. African Spice Safaris reserves the right to cancel or shorten a trip without notice, in which event your sole remedy shall be a prorated refund for any unused portion of the trip.

Medical Issues
You must advise African Spice Safaris in writing, at or prior to booking, of any physical, emotional or mental condition which (a) may affect your ability to fully participate in the trip; (b) may require professional attention during the trip; or (c) may require the use of special equipment.

If any such condition arises after the trip is booked, you must advise African Spice Safaris in writing immediately. African Spice Safaris reserves the right to decline or cancel your reservation, or to remove you from a trip in progress, if African Spice Safaris reasonably determines your condition would adversely affect the health, safety, or enjoyment of you or of other participants.

If African Spice Safaris removes you from a trip in progress pursuant to this paragraph, you will not be entitled to any refund of your Trip Price and African Spice Safaris shall have no further liability.

Most African Spice Safaris trips are not wheelchair-accessible, as wheelchair assistance or accessibility in our safari destinations cannot be guaranteed. If you require a wheelchair, you must provide African Spice Safaris with your requirements in advance and also may need to bring your own small, collapsible wheelchair.

If you are unable to travel without assistance, you must be accompanied by an able companion. If you have a condition which requires special equipment or treatment, you must bring and be responsible for all necessary items related to your condition.

African Spice Safaris cannot accommodate motorized scooters of any kind. African Spice Safaris cannot accommodate women past their sixth month of pregnancy and cannot accommodate service animals.

If you have a condition as contemplated herein, you travel at your own risk. African Spice Safaris is not liable for any injuries or damages you may suffer relating to such a condition, including without limitation loss of special equipment, lack of assistance with or accommodation of special needs, and unavailability of medical assistance or treatment.

African Spice Safaris is not responsible for the costs of any medical treatment you may require during the trip. Under no circumstances is African Spice Safaris responsible for the quality of medical care, or lack thereof, you may receive while on the trip.

Accommodation in Camps, Hotels, Lodges and Guest Houses Cancellation Policy:
Cancellation must be made in writing AND receipt of the cancellation must also be confirmed in writing by African Spice Safaris. If there is no acknowledgment of the cancellation from African Spice Safaris it means that your cancellation notification has not been received and is therefore not valid. Cancellation notifications must be acknowledged in writing in order to be valid.

Terms are as follows:
* More than 120 days before arrival, the 30% deposit is refunded, net of bank/ payment transaction charges
* Between 120 and 45 days prior to arrival, the 30% deposit is forfeited
* Between 45 days and 30 days, 50% of the full value is forfeited
* Less than 30 days, and no shows, 100% is forfeited
* No refund will be given for guests who join a tour but leave before its completion

Law and Jurisdiction
These Booking Conditions are governed by the laws of Kenya and any action arising under them, or in any way connected with the travel arrangements booked, may be brought only in a court in Kenya.

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