Rapids Camp Sagana Kenya

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Rapids Camp Sagana Kenya
Rapids Camp Sagana Kenya
Rapids Camp Sagana Kenya
Rapids Camp Sagana Kenya
Rapids Camp Sagana Kenya
Rapids Camp Sagana Kenya
Rapids Camp Sagana Kenya
Rapids Camp Sagana Kenya

Rapids Camp Sagana Kenya also known as the ‘Adrenaline Camp’ is a white water rafting centre located in Sagana in Muranga, about 106 km from Nairobi. It takes about 2.5 hours’ drive from Nairobi to the camp.

Sagana River and Thangazi Village are in close proximity to the camp. The camp enjoys a river frontage of about 450 meters and the largest waterfall in terms of volume in Kenya.

The camp has 16 tented Bazuka tents which have double beds and the well-manicured lawn can house up to 300 dome tents. The tents are hired and come with a sleeping bag and they can also be pitched next to the river Sagana. There are no cottages or rooms.

Sanitary facilities are modern and clean. The camp is also connected with electricity. Rapids Camp Sagana has running water and which is fetched water from the Tana and treated.

There is an onsite restaurant that serves continental and English breakfast in the bush. African delicious delicacies are available on pre–arranged basis.  Alternatively, you can carry your own food and do self-catering.

There is kitchen stuff for hire. The camp does not sell alcoholic beverages but guests are allowed to bring their own at a corkage fee. Guests can enjoy their meals while watching and listening to the massive waterfall of the Sagana River.

The camp has modern equipped kitchen and 8 outdoor eating areas which are covered with local thatch with a capacity between 15 guests to 120 guests. Guests have the option of preparing their own meals or have the meals prepared for them.

There are conference facilities that can accommodate between 15-20 guests and outdoor meeting venues which are thatched with local materials which can accommodate up 100 people.

The well-manicured lawn also provide ideal venue for conferences (indoor and outdoor conference facilities), team building activities and weddings and can hold up to 650 guests.

Rapids Camp Sagana Kenya activities include; white water rafting, kayaking, river trekking, bungee jumping, bird watching, sport fishing, rock climbing, star gazing, boating and water fall challenge among others.

The camp also offers corporate team building, family team building, holiday team building, birthday parties, corporate functions and end of year parties.

2021 Rapids Camp Sagana Accommodation & Activity Rates

Rate Below are for Residents. (Kindly Inquire for the Non-Residents Rates)

Camp Equipment/ Facilities for Hire Price Per Day
Camp Entrance Fee (1 Hour Only) 300 Kenya Shillings
Camping Fee (Tent and Bedding Provided) (Adult) 2,500 Kenya Shillings
 Camping Fee (Tent and Bedding Provided) (Child) 1,600 Kenya Shillings
 Camping Fee With Own Tent (Adult) 1,600 Kenya Shillings
Camping Fee With Own Tent (Child) 1,200 Kenya Shillings
Picnic Day Time (Adult) 700 Kenya Shillings
 Picnic Day Time (Child) 500 Kenya Shillings
Bazuka Tent Double Beds 9,000 Kenya Shillings
Manyatta Tent (Tent + Beddings) 3,500 Kenya Shillings
Covered Eating Area with Seats (Group Rate) with Electricity 1,200 Kenya Shillings
Barbeque Jiko (Without Charcoal Group Rate) 900 Kenya Shillings
Sufuria 300 Kenya Shillings
Jiko Per Day (Without Charcoal) 400 Kenya Shillings
Extra Blanket & Mattress 400 Kenya Shillings
Kitchen Session (Per Day) 5,000 Kenya Shillings
Lower Car Park (Loading Zone) 400 Kenya Shillings
Upper Car Park (Night Time) Free all Day
Local Cook (Per Day) 1,000 Kenya Shillings
 River Short Hire 400 Kenya Shillings
Cutlery (Per Day) Group Rate 3,000 Kenya Shillings

2021 Adrenaline Breathtaking Challenges Rates

Rate Below are for Residents. (Kindly Inquire for the Non-Residents Rates)

Adrenaline Breathtaking Challenges Price  Per Person
Plunge, 2 Jumps (40 Feet) 2,000 Kenya Shillings
 Men’s Bathroom (Activity) 600 Kenya Shillings
 Sagana Water Glides 700 Kenya Shillings
 Rock Climbing 600 Kenya Shillings
Sagana River Swims 600 Kenya Shillings
Bungee Jump (60 Meters) 7,200 Kenya Shillings
Bungee Swims 500 Kenya Shillings
White Water Rafting 4 Hours 8,500 Kenya Shillings
Water Fall Challenge 1,800 Kenya Shillings
 Stress Free Programms 700 Kenya Shillings
Sagana River Therapy 500 Kenya Shillings
Kayaking (1 Hour) 8,500 Kenya Shillings
 Kayaking/ Canoeing Full Day 6,000 Kenya Shillings
Local Mtumbwi (Boating) 250 Kenya Shillings
River Boarding 850 Kenya Shillings
Sagana Ghekos 950 Kenya Shillings
Zip Lining 4,000 Kenya Shillings
Abseiling 3,500 Kenya Shillings
 Angles Bowl 800 Kenya Shillings
Bon Fire (Group Rate) 2,800 Kenya Shillings
Assume the Plunge 2,200 Kenya Shillings
Moon Light Walk (1800 Hours to -1930 Hours) 600 Kenya Shillings
Nature Walks Kiambicho Forest (4 Hours) 600 Kenya Shillings
Sport Fishing (Own Rod) And Bird Watching 800 Kenya Shillings

2021 Rapids Camp Team Building Packages

Rate Below are for Residents. (Kindly Inquire for the Non-Residents Rates)

Rapids Camp Sagana Kenya Team Building Prices Price Per Person
Sagana Special Team Building
10 Ground Activities + Team building Facilitator + 3 River Activities + Buffet Lunch + Free Transport 7 Free Conference Hall
9,900 Kenya Shillings
Experiential Team Building
12 Ground Activities + Buffet Lunch + Complementary Tea + Team Building Facilitator
&  Free Conference Hall
5,400 Kenya Shillings
Zip line Team Building
10 Ground Activities + Team Building Facilitator + 1 River Activity + Buffet Lunch +
Zip lining + Free Conference Hall & Complimentary Tea
9,550 Kenya Shillings
Kenya Special Team Building
12 Ground Activities + Buffet Lunch + Complimentary Tea + Team Building Facilitator
+  Free Conference Hall + 2 River Activities
8,700 Kenya Shillings
Stress Free Team Building
12 Ground Activities + Team Building Facilitator + 3 River Activities + Barbeque Lunch
+ Drink + Free Conference Hall + Complementary Tea
9,500 Kenya Shillings
Overnight Team Building
12 Ground Activities + Meals on Full Board + Drink + Complementary Tea + Free
Conference Hall + 2 River Activities + Camping & Bon Fire & Moonlight walk
15,100 Kenya Shillings


* Tent Breakfast – 900 Kenya Shillings
* Bush Breakfast – 1,200 Kenya Shillings
* Tea & Snacks – 500 Kenya Shillings Per Person
* Corkage Fee (Group Rate) – 5,000 Kenya Shillings
* Africana Bush Breakfast – 850 Kenya Shillings Per Person
* Conference Facilities (Hall Only) – 950 Kenya Shillings Per Person
* Team building (Grounds And Own Facilitator) – 1,000 Kenya Shillings
* Barbecue Lunch/ Dinner (with accompaniments) – 1,200 Kenya Shillings
* Bush Lunch/ Dinner (Buffet with Soda) – 1,800 Kenya Shillings Per Person
* Playing own music systems (Group rate) – 3,000 Kenya Shillings Per Person
* Ala carte Lunch/ Dinner (Plate with Soda) – 1,000 Kenya Shillings Per Person
* Team Building (Our Facilitator, Activities and Grounds) – 3,000 Kenya Shillings

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