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Mwanza City Tours Day Trips Tanzania

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Mwanza City Tours Day Trips Tanzania
Bismarck Rock in Mwanza, Tanzania City Tour
Mwanza City Tours Day Trips Tanzania
Sukuma Museum / Bujora Cultural Centre

Mwanza City Tours Day Trips Tanzania explores the city of Mwanza – the major Tanzanian port on Lake Victoria and a major centre of economic activities in the region. Lake Victoria borders the country’s East African neighbors – Uganda to the North West, and Kenya to the north east.

Mwanza city makes a good base from which to explore the nearby Rubondo Island National Park and the western parts of the Serengeti. Rubondo Island National Park offers pleasant day-hikes and bird watching around the lake shore.

The city is known for unusual rock formations like Bismarck Rock, near the Kamanga Ferry Terminal. In the center of town are colonial buildings like the crumbling hilltop Dr. Robert Koch’s House.

Mwanza’s proximity to the western Serengeti makes it a necessary stop for visitors who want to experience a less bust part of the park and see the magic of the Serengeti without the parade of safari vehicles and seasonal crowds.

The Mwanza Region is occupied by Four tribes include the Wasukuma, the WakereweWakara and Wazinza. Mwanza city’s Makongoro Road is named after a prominent Sukuma chief who controlled the area in the late 1800s. 

Mwanza is also the centre of the Sukuma tribe, the largest tribe in Tanzania, who have inhabited and farmed the region for centuries. Cultural tourism programmes to their local villages and farms can be arranged through African Spice Safaris.

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